These are durable 24″x36″ aluminum signs (except for hard hat sign), which can be used over and over.

Corners are riveted for easy mounting on site fences.  These signs meet all applicable Florida Law regarding sign language and lettering necessary to prosecute under F.S. 812 and 810. Many other signs DO NOT meet the legal requirements.

ABC Member and Non-Member Pricing

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If you have any questions, please contact Mimi Aldras at [email protected] or call 954-984-0075.

Order Information

  • Felony Sign (ABC Member)

    Felony Sign (ABC Member)

    Spanish on back.

    $35.00 ea.

  • Drug Sign (ABC Member)

    Drug Sign (ABC Member)

    $30.00 ea.

  • Hard Hat Sign (ABC Member)

    Hard Hat Sign (ABC Member)

    $20.00 ea.

  • Felony Sign (Non-Member)

    Felony Sign (Non-Member)

    Spanish on back.

    $70.00 ea.

  • Drug Sign (Non-Member)

    Drug Sign (Non-Member)

    $60.00 ea.

  • Hard Hat Sign (Non-Member)

    Hard Hat Sign (Non-Member)

    $40.00 ea.


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