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For Employee's Apprenticeship Education
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Contact Information

  • I affirm that my company is in good standing as
    an ABC Florida East Coast Chapter Member.

Administrative Documentation

Apprenticeship, Participating Employer Sponsorship of Apprentices:

Employer's Registration and Sponsorship for Employee's Apprenticeship Education and Training,
I understand that by submitting this form I am confirming my company’s sponsorship of the student(s) with this transaction into the apprenticeship program; this applies to both new and returning apprentices.

By submitting this form the Participating Employer agrees to pay the year’s administrative fee for each student which includes the class text book.

The Policies and Guidelines for the apprenticeship programs are stated in the Apprenticeship Handbook, and each apprentice is required to affirm his/her agreement with these policies by executing the appropriate forms. These Policies and Guidelines are also available for each Participating Employer upon request.

Please be advised a student is not considered a registered apprentice until the Florida Department of Education Representative has approved the individual by signing the apprentice agreement through the Department of Labor’s Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Data System (RAPIDS). It is the responsibility of the Participating Employer to obtain and possess a fully executed copy of the “DOL PROGRAM REGISTRATION AND APPRENTICESHIP AGREEMENT” before deeming him/her an apprentice on a certified payroll / government job.

We highly recommend when an apprentice is working on government jobs that a request for "APPRENTICE CERTIFICATION” and “DOL APPRENTICESHIP AGREEMENT” is made in writing at [email protected] For more information contact ABC Institute 954-580-2950.

Administrative Fee, Invoice and Credit Policies

1. The annual contractor administrative fee for the first five (5) apprentices (1-5) is $880/$1080 (member/non-member) per apprentice, which includes the standard text book.
2. Supplemental materials or texts, such as the NEC or other code-books, are NOT included.
3. NO REFUNDS will be issued. ONLY CREDITS.
4. You may apply for a “fee credit”, to be used for a future enrollee, for apprentices’ who are no longer employed by your company. To receive this credit you must notify the ABC Institute IN WRITING within ten (10) business days of the apprentice departing.  The amount of the credit will be pro-rated based on the date the ABC Institute receives a written notification/credit request form.

Apprentice Registration Information

Please enter the apprentice full names (separate by a comma).

ACH Payment

Please call our accounting department at 954-984-0075 between 8am-5pm for ACH payments.

Your registration will not be complete until we receive your ACH payment.

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